Wolff Shoe Company has been in the women’s shoe business for almost 100 years, starting as a domestic shoe factory in Missouri. They are a family held company that is presently entering its 4th generation of family leadership. The VANELi name was developed about 30 years ago, making some of the most exciting fashion shoes in the industry. To this day, VANELi is still creates elegant silhouettes for the modern woman.

VANELi shoes embrace the Italian spirit and offer a stylish line of shoes, boots, sandals and skimmers. Each shoe is built to stand the test of time featuring quality uppers, padded footbeds and durable outsoles. Many VANELi styles are available in sizes 4-13, SS-WW to accommodate a variety of needs the customer faces.

Shoemaking in the 21st century has taken a very exciting road with so many new and interesting leathers, fabrics & bottoms, all combined with an emphasis on comfort influenced by fashion. VANELi has embraced these changes and turned them into an amazing collection of shoes. When a woman wants both comfort and style, she will find it in a VANELi shoe.

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