The BeautiFeel experience: Creativity, Love, Feminity, Commitment.

The BeautiFeel brand was born out of these four attributes and wishes to share them with every woman in the world. Only true creativity could have produced a brand as unique as BeautiFeel with its pioneering concept of making elegant and feminine yet highly comfortable shoes for a career-oriented woman. Each pair of BeautiFeel shoes will satisfy a woman’s desire to be fashionable and chic in her unique way and still feel comfortable. Ami Bar Nahor, founder and CEO of BeautiFeel, believes that what is born from love will generate more love.  His commitment is reflected in every aspect of production. By integrating advanced facilities in Israel, using the most innovative Italian equipment together with the most skillful craftsmen in their field, BeautiFeel can supply shoes to women around the world . . . yet, at the same time, each pair of shoes receives their personal and individual attention.


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